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2006.11.18 @20:52 

Dark Messiah

Dark Messiah
I don't get it. No really I don't get why game reviewers find this game so tedious, marking it as fair or average. Maybe at its launch he had a few glitches, which I think is very stupid from arkane studios : the first week is definitely what will make the reputation of a game but then, what is the problem? I've bought the game 10 days later and I had almost no problem at all (just one crash in 6 hours+ of play and not sure it isnt due to my computer). Ok when I installed the game I had to download a fair amount of data from the internet but anyway this game is using steam and as usual with steam once you ve made the effort to accept that you need an internet connection to play a SOLO game (!) at least everything is transparent for the user : if the game has to fix itself then it does it before you run it. That's all.

So ok that was the stupid part of its launch but everything except that is just brilliant. I don't mean "good" I mean awesome.

It looks like people didnt get that this is an action game with a rpg touch. I'm a huge rpg gamer as well and I have no problem at all with a "simple" game sometimes. That's the point : gamers want something new and sometimes do like different kind of game for what it offers you and its specialities. Take Oblivion for example, where's the gameplay is quite "similar" : you grab a sword, a shield, a couple of magic spell etc... So... you want a complex story ? You like complex rpg statistics, hundred skills/spells and freedom in the world you re discovering, this is the one. You want better action ? Great combats and animations ? Some interesting physical possibilities like pushing somebody in the fire, out of a cliff or breaking walls, pushing statues onto your opponents then take dark messiah.

Seriously, this game is I think almost the equivalent of HalfLife II in term of medieval action/FPS. It is a bit dull in term of story I must admit, sometimes looks a bit "cheap" in terms of Video editing and the first levels are not all so interesting + I do think that they give too much and too often magical items in this game but come on ! In term of gameplay we never had anything like that before : the combats are really incredible, you can feel the sword wavering aroung your head, you can feel the blow when you parry with your shield, special attacks use a clever system and at the end of the day, the player has what he wants : a lot of adrenaline and a rush of blood to the head. The 3D for the characters, the way they are animated and how they are able to defend themselves are really impressive. Plus what I do like a lot is that the combat is system is fair and usable : if you re really good you can really beat up several enemies at the same time without taking any blow, and when you take some you usually feel it in your health bar ! Other - still good games - like half life II you cant really avoid taking a couple of bullets but you dont really care as they re not hitting you very badly anyway and sometimes looks like you dont fear much when going into battle. Here, the beginning is quite easy, I was actually a bit disappointed with the "normal difficulty" and couldnt change it without restrting from scratch. But after a couple of missions, it really starts to be more difficult and challenging.

I didnt test the multiplayer game for the moment, it looks like it has its flaws, to be honest I found games like half file II great in solo but quickly boring in multi so that's not the important part for me. I may make another post or update when I'll test.

Think as you want but I do think this game has changed how we can perceive medieval combat and will be a beacon for the next games like the Thief series was. It has some defaults but if you like action, you wont be disappointed...
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