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2006.09.21 @22:48 

Der Untergang

Der Untergang
I’ve just watched « The downfall », yes I know that’s not exactly a hot movie. It was released some time ago and actually I had the movie for quite a while now waiting to be seen. I must admit, this is a must see. I was very impressed by the movie’s quality and the director’s achievements. Ok it is maybe a little bit long, some minutes here and there could escape but far beyond the maybe questionable level of reality in the details, it is just a very important movie.
A « must see » by the word movie and not just those movies tagged with this naming because it is maybe fun, well made, interesting or whatever : because this one is what defines history, what shaped the world around us and in fact reality itself as it is now. And what is very impressive is that it is not just another documentary, it is well played, immersive, sensitive, interesting, shocking, and a model of story telling. This may not be an easy movie to see but this is not that hard either, this is still a story with characters, events, something made-up with continuity and not pure journalism or historian's speeches.
I would recommend to play it in schools.
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  1. Steph said:

    Sunday, September 24, 2006 at 20:50

    Did you see <a href="">Im toten Winkel</a>? J'ai trouvé que c'était un documentaire absolument bouleversant.

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